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Sarah Calburn Architects specialize in tailor-made projects, design integrity and quality, and in the 'art' of architecture. Design thinking is located in the inventive and lateral space between landscape and architecture. In the gorgeous South African climate, our buildings are intimately involved with light effects, the heady experience of space and place, and the fluidity of the perceptual boundary between interior and exterior. Interiors are conceived as landscapes, experiential and scenographic.

More than a conception of landscape as 'outdoors': passive site, or given context, "landscape-thinking" pulls architecture and landscape into new forms of dynamic relationship. The urban landscape of cities and buildings mirror – and are able to affect - our experience and attitudes. Non-urban landscapes have the power to pull architectural thinking into new modes.

A core belief is that the quality of space you inhabit has a noticeable effect on your chemical well-being and can stimulate a deep level of sensory satisfaction.

Beauty and economy are not concepts in opposition.

We are critical of all architectures that have fallen prey to various insane and crude (im)portations of cultural make-believe.


Sarah Calburn is also a founding partner of SPACE MATTERS architecture & urbanism. With her partner Dustin A. Tusnovics, SPACE MATTERS is focused on community projects at all scales.